Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Par Rich

One thing that Dr. Kays said during our visit has been echoing in the back of my mind for a week now--"Now that Par has survived CDH..."
Wow. Par survived CDH. Being on the other side of the hill--it is too easy to forget the journey we've been on--which is good to some extent--for Par's benefit--we need to look forward as we work with him to gain weight, roll over, and eventually crawl, talk, steal our keys and take the car to pick up his girlfriend... But I don't want to forget how incredible our journey has been--how the power of prayer touched our lives so heavily--how Dr. Kays' knowledge and experience saved our baby boy. We feel certain our outcome would be different if it weren't for him. This blog has served many purposes as I have said in the past--but I feel if I continue on posting about Par and his progress it may lose the powerful message:
1. We know all of this is only because of our Merciful Father.
2. After all of our research, Dr. Kays is the foremost authority on the treatment of CDH, along with the highest survival rate in the country (could be the world).
3. Prenatal diagnosis of CDH is SO important--so ask that your OB screen specifically for this at your 20 week ultrasound(they should anyway).

Although not equally, these three points have given us an otherwise healthy son who is now enjoying his family at home and his new best friend Tiffany. Hopefully this blog will be of help to other pregnant mother's with a CDH diagnosis. If you want to continue to read my 'babbling' and of course keep updated on Par and Tiffany (his dog)--feel free to visit our new family blog-- www.familyofriches.blogspot.com

We've enjoyed each comment and felt every prayer for our son--thank you for all the support. May God continue to bless you.
Liz, Rusty & Par